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2012 Lecture, Red Dot Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, November 2

        Interview, Jon Carver on "Born under WHAT star? Vi Vona, Art Beat, Kathryn Davis, KTRC,

        Santa Fe, NM, Oct. 12

2008   Power Point Presentation, "Creativity and Thought," CW Post LIU Campus, NY, November 7

2000   Featured Artist, Studio 211, CO Website – no longer exists

          Interview, "Vi Vona Finds New Medium, New Audience on Web," The Palette,         

          Washington, DC, 2000, pg 3

1989   Interview, WCWP, Artist and Teacher, CW Post LIU Campus, NY 

          Interview, Channel 12, First Fine Art Exhibit, Long Island, NY

1987   Lecture, Heckscher Museum, NY, September 22

          Lecture, The Gallery-Oyster Bay Salon, Nassau Community College, NY, June 12

          Interview, WHPC, The Philosophers of Art Series, Nassau Community College, NY, Jun. 5

1986   Interview, WCWP, Artists Talk Series, CW Post LIU Campus, NY, June 6

1985   Lecture, Heroines Show, HHAA, Glen Cove, NY, April 12

1982   Lecture & Videotaping, Ragtime Exhibit, HHAA, Glen Cove, NY, April 18



The New Feral Press/Prehensile Pencil Publications: Illustrations (Oyster Bay, NY)

         Bumming for Grub, John Digby's adaptation of a poem by Tao Chi'en 2007

         A Place of Shade, a collection of poems by E. F. Weisslitz 2007

         Poems, by Adelia Prado translated Flavia M. Lobo 2008

         Five Sons Fruits From the Old Tree, improvisation from Tao Ch'ien by John Digby 2008

         We Can Discuss Loneliness, two poems adapted from Tu Fu and Po Chu-1 by John Digby 2008

         Their Hunger is Great, two poems by Diane Lutz 2008

         Pausing at the Bonder, 5 Chinese adaptations by John Digby 2008

         Nostos, Diane Simone-Lutz poem 2009

         38th Summer, Diane Simone-Lutz poem 2009

         this before, Kimberly Southwick's poem 2009

         To Wang Lun, Master Brewer, poem by Li Po adapted by John Digby 2009

         I Shouldn't Have Waited, 9 poems by Edmund Miller 2009

         New Year Letter, prose poem by Vern Rutsala 2010

           The Girl Who Could Fly, poem by Vern Rutsala 2009

         West of the Truth, five prose poems by Vem Rutsala 2011

         Within the Rain, five poems by BergŹs Alvarez 2011

         Love and Work & My Answering Machine, prose poems by Vern Rutsala 2011

         Antonio & Clara, poem by David Giannini 2012

         A Bag of Sugar, story by Fredric M. Menger 2016

         Unchartered Waters, poems by Steven Sher 2016

         Pulling Eagles From The Sky, poems by Tara L.Masih  2017


 Vi Vona, Born under WHAT star? (blurb, 2012),

Heroines (blurb, 2014)

Mastering A Life, YouTube,


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